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A-match pays off!

A-match is the investor forum where you as an investor get to meet well-prepared companies that present tomorrow's business ideas with the potentail to grow into successes. Above all, it is about the people behind them. Commitment and willingness are central to ideas growing and becoming profitable businesses. This is also the idea behind A-match.

For us, it is important that the business is sustainable, not only in environmental terms, but also from social, economic and equality aspects.

The next A-match takes place in Aula Magna at Karlstad University, on May 7th, between 15:00 and 19:00. 

Welcome to an investor forum that pays off!

Are you looking for investment?

At A-match, you will meet about seventy investors from all over the Nordic region in a well-directed event. With sustainability as a benchmark, the focus is on creating benefits for both companies and investors.

Eight companies will have the opportunity to pitch their business at A-match. Do you want to be one of them?

Apply no later than March 14!

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Are you ready to invest?

Whether you've invested before or this is the first time you're thinking of doing so, A-Match is the event for you.

At A-match, you will meet nine companies that have won the jury's trust in the screening process and are ready for investments. Not only do they have good ideas, they are also reviewed from a sustainability perspective. The companies you will meet have been coached, and the on-stage performance on stage is well rehearsed.

Do you want to meet entrepreneurs with new ideas?



Time & date
May 7th, 2023
3 - 7 pm

Aula Magna, 
Karlstad University
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No cost for investors.
5000 SEK excl. VAT for pitching company.