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An investor forum that delivers!

A-match offers you well-prepared companies with short pitches in a digital format. Of course, the business concepts are all potential hits, but most of all, it’s about the people behind them. The commitment and the will are central when ideas grow into profitable companies. That’s also the idea behind A-match.

Investors who have participated come back, pitching companies access an invaluable contact network. And investments.

We know that we get very good feedback and results when we run A-Match both digitally and on-site. Given the current situation, we are running the same approach as last autumn. Of course, we follow recommended guidelines regarding covid-19 at the event date. The plan is for companies to pitch on site in Karlstad and investors to participate digitally. With a digital event, we also know that we are reaching investors throughout the Nordic region.

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Are you looking for investment?

At A-match, the companies get to meet about 80 investors from all over the Nordic region in a well-directed event with a focus on benefits for both companies and investors.

Eight companies will have the opportunity to present their business at A-match. Is yours one of them?

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At A-match, you meet eight companies that have won the jury's trust in the screening process and are ready for investments. The companies have been coached, the pitches honed and the performance on stage is well rehearsed.

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Time & date
September 15, 2021
13:00 - 15:00

Pitching companies: Karlstad

5000 SEK excl. VAT for pitching company.
No cost for investors.