Meet the pitching companies


Meet ten carefully selected companies from all over Sweden - with high growth potential and ready for investment. The companies represent groundbreaking innovations in sectors mainly in health, safety and forest bioeconomy. What they have in common is that their services and products contribute to increased quality of life and to solving sustainability challenges through innovative methods, circular solutions and digital technology. All companies have also been professionally evaluated and quality assured.

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Safety By Cilia has innovated a patented assault alarm embedded in jewelry. Upon activation, the alarm alerts relatives and app users of your location and need for help. It also triggers an automatic audio recording of the situation, collecting potential evidential material.

Cognes offers early detection of dementia via a smartphone app. It is a cost-effective screening tool that utilizes machine learning and computer vision to analyze facial features. This technique accelerates patient diagnosis, resulting in faster patient care and reduced burden on healthcare resources.

Enaiblers pioneers AI-driven microscopy. The platform digitizes and process microscope samples, enabling cost efficient and streamlined workflows in research, disease monitoring and diagnostics. With nearly half of the world's population lacking access to essential diagnostics it enables new possibilities.

GI Lift develops a method to return ash to the forest via air using an electric multi-copter. The nutrients in the ash increase the forest’s growth by 20 percent thus binding 20 percent more CO2. Aerial spreading reduces the use of heavy machinery that damages trees and soil and reduces the quality and value of the raw material.                                          
Livsaptit is dedicated to enhancing the health and life quality of seniors through nutritious food. Their business is based on a subscription service for wholesome meals, prepared in authentic kitchens and delivered to the doorstep. Their goal is to prolong the ‘golden years’ at home, delaying the need for care facilities, thus benefiting society.

LN2Tech has innovated a unique fire-extinguishing technology for tackling the toughest fires. This technology, which combines liquid nitrogen and water to produce extreme cold, is not only sustainable and water-efficient but also tested and patented. With this innovation, LN2Tech is looking to transition into a tech company.
MediQueue's enables virtual management of the waiting queue at emergency departments via an app. By allowing patients to self-report the reason for their visit, algorithms make a prioritization assessment and calculate the wait time. The technology not only facilitates the queue system but also saves a significant amount of time for the staff.

Melker has been praised for their kayak design and sustainability. They have revolutionized water sports by using plant-based fibers in the mix of materials. With their efficient manufacturing in Sweden, a new model for the North American market, and a new material based on cork, they are ready to grow on the international market.

PostTec offers a patented solution that minimizes damage and restoration costs for impacted traffic posts and protects vehicles. The module, made from recycled materials, bends on impact, leaving the post and foundation intact. It’s easily repairable, reducing downtime in traffic. Patented in 14 countries.
The Wellgo Way has been developed by doctors and coaches. It is a successful weight loss concept that combines lifestyle change, education, proactive coaching, and modern appetite-regulating medications, and is free from diets. The concept is already being used by hundreds of clients with very good results.