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A-match 19.11.2019


A-match - together we make it grow!

When ideas, great ambitions and high potential meet committed and knowledgeable investors - that's when magic occurs. A-match is the forum where we create the conditions for this to happen. This is where you will be able to meet the persons behind both companies and investments.

At A-match you get organized mingle and opportunities for really good and meaningful meetings that will take both companies and investments to new heights.

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What others have said about A-match 

Absolutely the best investor event I have been to - I will look into several of the companies.
- Investor
Well planned and accomplished event. Great with proper preparation and rehearsal. Great arrangement with pitch session and then meeting session. Great that you managed to get together so many investors.
- Pitching company
We have been so well cared for from start to finish and have never thought about what is happening, you have had control of everything.
- Pitching company
A proffessional arrangement in the right size. Good pitches that kept quality and time - even though not all were in my focus, they were still interesting to listen to. Great break entertainment, introduction and final mingle.
- Investor
Very good quality of the companies representing a good spread of branches.
- Investor
We are now ready to take any challenges!
- Pitching company